Alison Greenhorn
Mobile: 021 1825 795

Fish Dreaming

Welcome to Fish Dreaming

Creating is my passion. Art is my life. I am a wanderer between two worlds.
In my studio, tucked away in Aotearoa, New Zealand, I give life to the fireflies of my imagination. Manipulating the gathered anarchic fragments of my experiences and observations into some sort of alchemy.
My jewellery and my art that are inspired by journeys, travellers and nomads, temples and talismans, myths, music, treasuries and ceremonies, the stars, reliquaries of magic things and a world of dreams, can be found here.
Apart from the classroom of life, I formally spent time studying Graphic Design and Fine Art Printmaking and Jewellery Design and Construction.
I am a Piscean.
A fish that can swim, walk and fly.
The crown is my symbol of triumph and glory, culminating in my quest for dreaming.