Alison Greenhorn
Mobile: 021 1825 795

Fish Dreaming

Welcome to my Fish Dreaming website.
Art is my passion and permeates through all aspects of my life.

I  studied Graphic Design and Fine Art Printmaking in South Africa and
I now live near the sea in the gentle green land of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

I started making jewellery a few years ago as I liked the idea of creating small, three dimensional  items  that are visually appealing, have significance and are pleasing to touch.

Each one of these pieces of jewellery have been created and assembled by me.
I design each component , moulding and carving them from wax initially then
they are then cast in pewter and silver, and brass or copper plated with an antique finish.
They are fashioned to resemble time-worn remnants with an aged and ancient look.

I use a pigmented resin in many of the pendants which gives a transparent glow and a lasting beauty.

The inspiration for my jewellery has varied sources and is a cross pollination of ideas drawn from ancient treasures, talismans, tribal and medieval relics and the cosmos.
I have rediscovered their beauty and each piece has a deep sense of meaning and spirituality.

I am a Piscean, a fish who  can  swim, walk and fly.
The crown, a symbol of triumph and glory, culminates in my quest for dreaming.